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 Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)

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Aktief Lid
Aktief Lid

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Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) Empty
PostSubject: Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)   Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) EmptyWed Sep 20, 2017 7:20 pm

Online met uitleg in het Duits. http://www.aura-soma-world.com/as-game.php
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Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)   Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) EmptyThu Nov 02, 2017 6:51 pm

Gaaf! Ik heb ze even in het Engels opgezocht, Duits kan ik niets mee, hihi.

Ze kloppen wel op heel veel vlakken  Shocked Bijna freaky!
Sluiten helemaal aan bij het proces waar ik in zit.

111 AE Daniel

Archangel Daniel

To restore balance between inner and outer relationships

Where to apply: In a band encircling the body around the chest/heart/throat areas.

Main points concerning this bottle: This bottle may bring clarity into situations regarding the way in which we relate" this may enable us to discover hidden manipulations. Enables clarity of speech and communication to flow easily even in difficult situations. Helps the process of being kind and compassionate towards ourselves and allows us to generate increased compassion towards others.

Specialties of this bottle: One of the Archangel Series. Assists us in discovering our true nature. Supports us with bringing focus and intention into dreams without wasting energy. Identifies opportunities for us to be ourselves without allowing any situation or circumstance to cause us to behave otherwise. Finding truth and harmony within may enable us to generate kindness and love to ourselves and others.

Issues that may need to be addressed: Individuals that select this bottle may have a propensity to not breath deeply enough for the body to feel rejuvenated. We may need to learn that letting go of anxieties allows the breath to come and go more easily. Confusion in regards to our true identity might hinder the discovery of fear and anxiety locked deep within ourselves. When experiencing difficult situations look for the peace within.

65 (Paars/Rood)

“I know where I am & where I am going. I trust the centre of my being.”

A deep sense of balance. The energy to perform one’s service.

Main Theme: Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth

Dominant Characteristics:
Is very interested in transformation on a psychological, emotional, and physical level. Is in contact with the "inner child." Has "the head in heaven and the feet ion earth." Knows where he/she is and what his/her destination is. Dreams are fulfilled because this person knows what needs to be done to fulfill them. Has progressive ideas and a very positive, passionate side. Loves freedom, morale (in the positive sense), and strength. Is very strong and able to awaken him/herself and others. Is clairvoyant. Has no problems with material matters.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Gets caught up in feelings such as anger, rage, and resentment. Broods too much, which results predominantly in difficulties with material matters. Holds onto frustration out of which all kinds of mental and physical problems arise. Feels more important than he/she actually is.

Spiritual Level: Brings spirituality to earth. "Grounds" generally, but leads the user into very "high" dimensions at the same time. Stimulates the energy that is needed to provide the service to the world to which one is called. Supports people who feel exhausted by their leadership duties.

Mental Level: Encourages fulfillment, productivity, and renewed energy. Improves the self-image. Injects clarity into thoughts; helps to better distribute mental energies when one's head is "full".

Emotional Level: Assists in tackling anger and transforming it into something constructive - for example, into discipline. Brings a sense of distance so that reaction can be transformed into action.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the lower abdomen and along the hairline.

Affirmation: I know where I am, and I know where I am going.

Distinctive Qualities: Shows whether somebody is putting his/her energies into people or situations where they get abused or where they get lost. Useful in guiding frequent sexual fantasies into a direction where the passion that is in the background can express itself differently and more constructively.

Tarot: King of Pentacles

4 The Sun Bottle / Sunlight

“I am safe & happy & I know that I know nothing.”

Knowledge: that which can be acquired: and wisdom: that which we already have.

Main Theme: Opens the door to inner knowledge and inner wisdom "Know Thyself". Also brings anything "into the light of day" so as to be seen and dealt with.

Dominant Characteristics: Possesses authority and a great talent for management and organization, and combines these talents with wisdom. Has access to knowledge from past times and can utilize this knowledge. Possesses the ability to realize a vision. Sees the funny side of life. This person knows that it is more valuable to know something than to possess something.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Is marked by deep fear, lack of joy, and emotional immaturity. Leans toward utopianism. Behaves in a very authoritarian and, therefore, immature manner.

Spiritual Level: Transforms spiritual ideas into concrete form. Establishes contact with intuition and inner guidance. Brings about "solar" awareness. Raises perceptive faculties.

Mental Level: Is helpful with phobias that have their cause on the mental plane. This combination is good for those people that must think everything through, and therefore search deeply for the wisdom within themselves. This bottle gives a pyschological lift - representing the promise of Spring - a newness of life - a new beginning. Metaphorically speaking, it is the sunlight we so badly need after the depletion of winter, during convalescence or nervous debilitation.

Emotional Level: Provides trust, safety, and joy. It is excellent for nervous depression, and for depression brought on by fear.

Where to Apply the Substance: At solar plexus level, in a wide band around the body.

Affirmation: I am safe. I know that I know nothing.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of the Basic Chakra Set. Relates to the solar plexus chakra. In past life therapy, can establish contact with incarnations in Ancient Egypt.

Tarot: The Emperor

42 Harvest

“I have joy in the knowledge that I have been given. I feel a lightness of being.”

Self consciousness, joy, happiness, intellectual clarity. The understanding of self.

Main Theme: Spontaneity combined with joy

Dominant Characteristics: A kind, harmonious, "sunny" person. This is also reflected in the way this person moves (for example, he/she may possess dancing abilities). Is in a natural flow, goes with the flow of life. In the positive sense, knows no inhibitions. Finds his/her own way in the most varied life situations. Easily absorbs information, which this person often utilizes in his/her work.

Potential Challenge Aspects: Keeps searching for a new identity, but never changes. Tries unsuccessfully to rely on the mind. Has little sweetness in life; therefore, indulges in overeating sweets. Is unhappy and permanently focused on future events instead of being in the present moment.

Spiritual Level: Helps experience more joy and self-realization. Facilitates awakening. Casts light into the shadow areas of the personality. Points out those things that are truly desired.

Mental Level: Resolves feelings of limitation and nervous depressions. Stimulates the intellect and the intake of information, but is also helpful for balancing over-intellectuality and intellectual dominance. Facilitates decision making process.

Emotional Level: Inspires "higher feelings" (love, warmth, compassion, etc.). Clears emotional confusion. Encourages freedom from fear; brings joy.

Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area. When experiencing seasonal depression (usually in the winter), apply along the entire hairline.

Affirmation: From my outer knowledge, I create inner knowledge.

Distinctive Qualities: Part of The Expanded Chakra Set. Beneficial during seasonal depression and at exam preparation time (for children, teenagers, and adults). This substance affects the astral body. It helps to let go of illusions.

Tarot: 9 of Cups
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Aktief Lid
Aktief Lid

Posts : 76
Join date : 2016-08-30
Age : 60
Location : Lansingerland

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PostSubject: Re: Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)   Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) EmptyFri Nov 03, 2017 10:27 pm

Big Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)   Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig) Empty

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Online Aura-soma trekken met uitleg (Duits talig)
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